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Typical Spreewald

Enjoy the taste of the Spreewald. Discover the variety of typical dishes on our buffet Spreewald due to this small poem What makes the Spreewald strong? - Kneedeln, Leineel und Quark. What tastes him to Sunday rest? - Kaffee und Plinse dazu. What he will always love? - Gritzwurscht mit großen Grieben.

Spreewald buffet € 19.50 per person

Spreewald Soljanka
Spreewald cucumber salad with cream & dill
Various salads with dressings and croutons
Main dishes
Black pudding with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes
Spreewald farmer aspic with roasted potatoes
Quark with Spreewald linseed oil and potatoes
Cabbage rolls with bacon sauce
Steamed fish in Spreewald sauce
Boiled beef with horseradish sauce
Spreewald leeks Roast
Home made cake
Berry compote with vanilla sauce
Spreewald blintzes with sugar, cinnamon, applesauce