Our Buffets

Love goes through the stomach

A most beautiful day of your life should your guests will be treated to a buffet, which can be an unforgettable experience that day. Our culinary team has put together which offers something for every taste a buffet.

A culinary delight - Our wedding buffet € 35.00 per person

"Celebration soup"
Fish variations:
Whole poached salmon on salad bouquet
Shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce
smoked salmon, trout fillets, mackerel and curls
Beef carpaccio with fresh parmesan
Stuffed eggs with German caviar
Parma ham with melon boats
Ham rolls with asparagus
Tortellini salad, beef salad
Fresh vegetable and leaf salads
with different dressings
Hot food
Pork filet medallions with peaches and sauce hollandaise
Roast veal with herb crust on sautéed mushrooms
Spinach lasagna
Potato gratin, wild rice
Seasonal vegetables, beans with bacon
White and dark mousse au chocolat
Mini cream pouch
Fresh fruit salad
€ 35.00 per person