Our Buffets

The small world of cuisine

The international cuisine is diverse, varied and interesting. All of this can be found in our International buffet. Discover dishes from Greece, Italy, Japan and other countries on our lovingly cooked buffet for you.

Our diverse international buffet € 27.00 per person

Hungarian goulash soup
Cold Starters
Egg cups sushi with salmon
Melon with Serrano ham
Cream puffs filled with cream cheese and smoked salmon
Tortellini salad, cucumber salad
Greek salad,
fresh seasonal salads with dressings
Hot Appetizers
fried small shrimp skewers in garlic oil
Warm main courses
Chicken legs with peppers
Shrimp fry with rice
Lasagna, crusted roast
Fried potatoes, mangetouts
vegetable selection
Garnished International Cheese Selection with Fruit
Party rolls with butter & lard
€ 27.00 per person