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Spreewelten Lübbenau

Due to extensive reconstruction measures the Spreewelten are closed from 09.04.-30.09.2018

Step into a world where fun and action combine with rest and tranquility.
Swimming with penguins

Fun and action in the sun or rain. In the middle of the Spreewald, a unique bathing experience is possible: swimming with real penguins in the Spreewelten bath in Lübbenau. In the heated outdoor pool, separated only by a glass pane, the agile tailcoat wearers can be observed. It is very funny to watch how they sweep through the wet element. Through a pair of diving goggles, they look very close under water. You feel visibly well, especially at feeding time. The zookeeper introduces the Humboldt penguins by name. They know the ritual exactly. You can hardly wait. Impatiently, they are already sitting on the stones on their heated platform. Sophie has her birthday today and is allowed to join us on the course. Not at all, Volti, Ronald and Co. eat the herring from the hands of the nurse and her little assistant. The girl is mighty proud. A unique experience on your best day. At the water playground next door, she calls "Wasser marsch!" And serves the levers with her friends. Your parents relax on the large lawn. Then it goes to the interior. Two giant slides want to be conquered. The brave whiz down the penguin tube in total darkness. In the wave pool there is a stiff breeze underneath. On the big tires riding on the waves is twice as fun. It gets pretty exhausting in the flow channel in the opposite direction. Completely out of breath is then rested in the Roman bath. The warm saline water feels very good. That makes you feel like even more relaxation.
Relax in the sauna world

Already on entering the sauna world one feels a pleasant peace. Fragrant scents and cozy cuddly zones around the fireplace invite you to do nothing immediately. On a first exploration tour, the large variety of saunas becomes visible: 14 themed saunas can be used. In the large Spreewald sauna, the mill wheel turns for permanent infusions. It makes you sweat quickly. In the salt tunnel gentle trickling of the brine water can be heard on the brushwood. Meanwhile, the lifeguard invites you to infusion in the sow (na) stall. A fat boar sweats on the sauna bench while his sow looks at her beautiful face in the mirror. To discover are many more wood carvings. A very funny idea. Next in the sauna village are under a huge haystack in the Lutki cave Spreewälder legends to hear. In the cucumber sauna a swing brings the right momentum. In the "Guten Stube" one chooses for his sweat place between cupboard, couch, bed or oven bench. Sauna is a real experience in the Spreewelten. It gets really relaxing with one of the numerous arrangements. Thus, "Only YOU & I" can forget everyday life at a hammam ceremony and once again enjoy togetherness. From the wide range of massage and wellness offers every guest will find something suitable. The sauna bistro offers true culinary delights. Rested, it's back home. It remains the memory of an unforgettable stay and the desire to take this break soon again