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Our Captial Berlin


Our Captial Berlin

See Berlin!

Berlin was and is a city of contrasts: Old and new, magnificent and rustic are some contrasts that exist in the neighborhood. While in many corners already made ??policy is still being built elsewhere. Let your guests discover small and big surprises at a foray through Berlin.

Berlin from the water

To let pass from the deck of a steamer from the city itself is one of the best ways to discover Berlin. A variety of different shipping companies offer tours of the city: including the government district, the Museum Island and the Lustgarten over. Even the trips to Mueggelsee, on the Wannsee and excursion tours to Potsdam or to the surrounding areas are highly recommended.

Berlin from the air
Get into a flying legend!

Hundreds of planes were 1948/49, the "Berlin Airlift (Berliner Luftbrücke)", the population supplied with coal, potatoes and bread. The Allied aircraft were soon called by the Berliners affectionately the "Candy Bomber". Experience one of the most spectacular scenic flights with this Candy Bomber.