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The history of the family Van der Valk

Anno 1929

In 1929 Martinus and Riet van der Valk founded her little tourist restaurant "De Gouden Leeuw" in Voorschoten (Holland). Were initially only lemonade and coffee sold, Riet started but soon begin preparing pancakes and other treats for their hungry guests. The news of good food and drink at fair prices spread quickly and soon the place was too small and had to be extended to a café.

Meanwhile we had also set up a butcher, as the couple sought, to produce the products and later needed her to eat their hotels themselves and to market. Today the Group among others include furniture stores, furniture manufacturers, kitchen outfitters and tour operators. As in 1939, the street where the restaurant was, was widened, the picnic area was demolished and a new building built with 10 hotel rooms.

As Martinus van der Valk 1969 died, there were already 16 Hotels and restaurants! The foundation stone was laid for the family group, because for every son and daughter of the family with many children, there was already a hotel or a restaurant. Over the years, the grandchildren and great grandchildren went into the family group, which today more than 80 hotels and restaurants are.

Since time immemorial, each is run by a family member and it is not surprising that despite the enormous growth of the Van der Valk hotel chain, remained the personal and familiar atmosphere. If our emblem, the Toucan seen in Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, the Netherlands Antilles or in the United States / Florida, you know that you are the ideal place to relax, unwind, days, and for many other activities have found - and the value for money is traditionally very good.

The first hotel in Germany was opened in Moers 1986. Today, the Van der Valk group with 11 hotels, two Holiday Resorts and two indoor ski centers, as well as a water ski facility on the German market is present. All hotels are located near large cities, conveniently located and offer mostly free parking.

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