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Fast charging stations at the hotel

As an innovative and forward-looking company, we go in the anniversary year a big step towards the future. On the grounds of the Spreewald Parkhotel arises these days the first Tesla electric filling station in the Spreewald, just off the A13. While charging your car our guests can dine at our restaurant.

Furthermore there are two additional fast charging stations at Van der Valk Hotel Spreewald Parkhotel from Fastned, which is building a European network of fast charging stations. This is the third station of Fastned at a Van der Valk hotel and part of a collaboration to realise more stations in Germany. The Fastned fast charging station at Van der Valk in Spreewald Parkhotel has a 50 kW and a 175 kW fast charger. This allows charging up to 50 times faster than at home and with 100% renewable electricity.