Here you are in another park

The Wildpark Johannismühle can be found in the beautiful Baruther Urstromtal between Baruth andGolßen, just off the B96.

The ice age gave the charming landscape its stamp. On the now over 100 ha large enclosed grounds welcomes you in its variety unique forest, meadows and pond landscape. Here you can discover our domestic wilds without disturbing fences in their huge free-range up close and observe. You will be amazed at how manifold our Brandenburg home presents itself to you. High pines, dense preserves, charming mixed forest, dry lawns and wet biotopes are the natural habitat for our wild animals in the wild or partly in enclosures.

If you have some time and patience then you will be mufflons, black and red and fallow deer, wisente, Auerochsen, wild horses, brown bears, gray wolves, polar wolves, lynxes, fish - and eagles, owls, snow owls, bearded jackals, kingfishers, black pikes and much more.