Relaxation and pure fun in the Spreewald Parkhotel

Whether in the spring, summer, autumn or winter, the Spreewald, young and old a variety of excursion options to make your holiday experience rich, exciting, and make relaxing. Discover when cycling, hiking or paddling in a unique natural environment, the diverse flora and fauna of the Spreewald. In a traditional boat ride through countless leveling you learn in a very special way more about the history of the Spreewald and the life in this unique land. In the traditional festivals like the Easter fire, the carnival or a boat parade to learn outside the Spreewald museums more of the customs, traditions and legends of the Sorbs. The Tropical Islands resort with tropical flair and swimming fun or leisure Spreewelten with real penguins make children's eyes shine brightly and make it a memorable day for our little guests. For the sports enthusiasts among you has the go kart track in Waldow, or climbing forest in Lübben fun and variety. For a day trip to the only one-hour drive away cities of Berlin, Potsdam, Cottbus and Dresden accommodation with great sights, museums, unforgettable shows and much more. On the following pages, we cordially invite you to a small journey of discovery through the various recreational activities. . We hope you enjoy exploring!